arachnids - Green bottle blue house keeping (Chromatopelma Cyaneopubescens)

Green bottle blue house keeping (Chromatopelma Cyaneopubescens)

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  • This is true... amazing little creatures :*)
  • really smart thing to do !
  • this little guy is going to outgrow that container fast! Mine went from a 1/2 sling to almost 6 inches in about 2 years :)
  • Great video friend and nice music, we like it ^^ we has recorded same video with our chromatopelma and murinus but we doesn't upoload it yet ;P greetings buddy! ;)
  • @deadbinky True then when they get older they loose their tiger stripes and their bum changes into a brightly colored orange - but the C. fasciatum never looses it's tiger rump appearance. These Breen bottle blue (Chromatopelma cyaneopubescens) ranks as one of my favorite T's to own :*)
  • Greeat vid man, loved it ! great idea with egg cartons
  • Hey cool :*) I would like to see those when you get them up :*)
  • cool video man 5 stars for sure I like to watch my Ts do some cage maintenance and I like to watch them web up their enclosures
  • Thank you :*) all my slings get god use out of them - & when it's time for cage maintenance, I just replace the egg carton with a new piece.
  • damn that's a cutie! I can't wait to have one one day.. their bums are almost like a golden C. fasciatum
  • This is true - hopefully I can get a lot of video of him/her while it's still a sling :*)
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