arachnids - Greenbottle blue handling (Chromatopelma cyaneopubescens)

Greenbottle blue handling (Chromatopelma cyaneopubescens)

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  • @DownSouth50 I'm new, got mine a few months ago, real easy to take care of. I got mine from Jamiestarantulas, she sells em cheap and also sells a nice small cage for when they're little. Might not be any left though, so I'd check her website out. I'm still thinking of a name for mine haha
  • Thats one beautiful GBB you have there - Hope you can hook him up with a female GBB and produce some little baby GBB's... The world can never have enough GBB's...! :*D
  • @klokicar Thanks my friend. I don`t know the song name but i`m sure it`s from Medwyn Goodall
  • @DownSouth50 As long as you don't plan on handling it. They tend to be skittish and can dart out into your closet faster than you think....i know first hand ._.
  • nice
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