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Green Bottle Blue Tarantula Caresheet

From (od) : Arachnidphobia101 | Pets & Animals | time (czas) 01:36 | count (liczba odwiedzin) 4922 | rating (ocena) 1.32 | Advert. | Green Bottle Blue Tarantula Caresheet.

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  • 2-3 inch sub? Nope, they don't dig. 70-80% humidity? You moron, that'll kill them.. Room temp? Wth is room temp?! Its 84f where I live, 60f a state up, 34f 3 states up, and 17f 6 states up.. Who's room temp are you talking about ..
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  • This video is so bad it shouldn't be on you tube. take your own advice "You know NOTHING about the GBB. You are desperate for help" I'm flagging this shit.
  • @tarantulaguy1976I'd re-do the caresheet. Too much moisture will kill a GBB as they are from the arid deserts of Venezuela. My GBB slings would pull all the edges of their webs up if watered too much until I got the hang of how much they needed (very, very little)
  • @tarantulaguy1976 LMFAO! I hit reply on your's by accident.
  • You are off on the humidity. You need it only needs to be 40 to 50 percent. Not 60 or 70 percent.
  • You are dead wrong, 75-80% will kill a GBB, humidity kills them. They only like moisture when in the breeding season, the rains bring up the insects and the MM's come out to breed. So basically the only time you EVER have humidity is to breed them and you have to simulate spring, sorry but i will not approve this video since it is incorrect info.
  • @KawaiiKemonomimi Not my caresheet LOL!!!
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  • @tarantulaguy1976 ah. we've corrected ourselves there with a couple annotations thanks rob
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  • 50%-60% fuck you dont put out false info on this i bet some poor noob saw this video and has a dead t do your research before you make a care sheet!
  • @tarantulaguy1976 i want a GBB for my first T i love em there beutifull so when i get one i never spray the cage just keep it room temp?
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  • is that bug gel in the water dish,if so change it for water as bug gel is no good fot t,s,great tarantulas these
  • Are you using water crystals for the T??? They are for crickets etc only. Just use plain water.
  • if you dont know the correct information then dont make a video
  • dude at the beginning he scared me D:
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