arachnids - Green bottle blue (step into my parlour)

Green bottle blue (step into my parlour)

From (od) : razoredge435 | Pets & Animals | time (czas) 01:52 | count (liczba odwiedzin) 294 | rating (ocena) 5.0 | Advert. poręcze drewniane sklep | Green bottle blue (step into my parlour).

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  • Awesome set up
  • nice set up....she looks pretty happy.
  • Whats the soundtrack?
  • Like the way your imatating their natural enviroment thumbs up
  • Looks a lot like my GBBs enclosure. Love them!
  • nice bud love the t
  • i bet in a few weeks, the whole enclosure is a silken home for her :D nice T. i have 2 of them too, one has webs in everly little corner of the enclosure, and the other one, a little tiny web where she sits on :D both from one eggsac, but total differnt lifestyle :D
  • Look at that webbing! Just gorgeous... cant wait til ours get that big. Love the title too :)
  • She definately likes her home! :)
  • "The spider" by Simon Lambros
  • very nice this is my missing T i have to buy
  • thanks buddy.
  • Yes I think that she really does :)
  • Thanks buddy. They are really interesting T's
  • One of the most interesting T's out there.
  • Have you gotten Ts off of jamie? That enclosure website you referred me to?
  • Thanks man.
  • Thanks much.
  • She's been in this enclosure for a while now, she tends to do most of her webbing around the wood. It would be cool if she webs everywhere though :)
  • Top top vid - love the GBBs! :)
  • Look good man like it alot
  • Thanks man :) gbb's are really a pleasure to keep.
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