arachnids - Green Bottle Blue Tarantula (Chromatopelma cyaneopubescens) sling drinking water

Green Bottle Blue Tarantula (Chromatopelma cyaneopubescens) sling drinking water

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  • "Drinks through her mouth." Well how the hell would you like her to drink? Through her feet?
  • How big is it in this video?
  • Just thought I'd comment on your description, tarantulas can't suck anything up through their fangs, they actually have a mouth underneath that they suck the liquid through. The more you know!
  • Thanks! It's much bigger now! 3.5 cm isn't that big, so just put in a small bottle cap in for now until it gets bigger, and then get it a water dish. Make sure the leg span is bigger than the diameter of the cap though. :D
  • Nice, I'll be waiting for it! Mine should go to premolt soon as it last time molted a month ago. Definitely before Christmas. My B smithi that I got last tuesday is on a premolt too! It's so tiny, only 1cm legspan :) Then I also got C darlingi, ls 2cm. It only likes to be in it's tunnel ^_^
  • So cute!
  • It's so beautiful! I have a GBB too :) It's about 3,5cm long (legspan), it just molted a few days ago. Would you recommend a permanent drinking source for sling as small as mine? Oh and nice albums :)
  • Haha yeah, of course :D I guess I'll just wait till the next molt and after that I put a bottle cap for her/him. I totally love this species! There is just something special in these.. Mine is so nice. So calm but still very active and it can be fast too if it want's to ^_^ It's starting to show a little bit of blue on it's legs, too. Couldn't have asked a better starter T :)
  • Wow, I did not know that! Thank you. I'll change the description :)
  • I'll post an update on the GBB soon... I see it darkening so it must be in for a molt soon. Mine is already mostly blue, and it sure does look more beautiful in person!!
  • same thing I said when i got her! Thanks :)
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