arachnids - Brazilian Black tarantulas mating

Brazilian Black tarantulas mating

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  • nice save
  • hot
  • Bow chicka bow wow.
  • Well done!!!! Beautiful pulchras!
  • i want to mate mine as welll. wher wud i b able to sell soooo many slings
  • Was I the only one thinking I'd see two feminists eating each other out?
  • Nice Job!
  • i have just treated myself to a g pulchra to ad to my 44 orther ts love this species.
  • That was awesome, and i thought our woman were aggressive. :)
  • It is very common for the female to eat the male after breeding(or sometimes before anything happens). One idea is that the female consumes the male as a form of nourishment that really gives her a health boost to start the entire reproductive process. However, it could just be spiders being spiders as opportunistic predators. I've got more breeding plans for this male so it is VERY important that I maximize his potential as I rotate him through the girls.
  • Thunderf00t brought me here o_O
  • If you get lucky and actually get to the point of sitting on a bunch of slings, you will have no problem moving them. Contact me if/when that day comes :)
  • How do you break it up if they get tangled up really tight in a fight? I mean too close to get a spatula between them? Is there a way to break it up before one of them gets killed?
  • Where they about to fight and which one is the male
  • wow, I saw this video on Arachnoboards, are Grammostola Pulchra hard to mate? looked like there was trouble at the end xD I'll send you a friend req on Arachnoboards :) Nice vid!
  • This was pretty interesting, although it did creep me out a little.
  • This is literally like watching the conception of pure evil for me. Fascinating but definitely in need of more fire...
  • We human males actually get off pretty lightly, especially compared to what male black widow spiders or male lions have to endure. It's pretty crazy.
  • So was one going to kill the other after?
  • So the female was on the right? Since it tried to predate the male at then end.
  • spider porn!
  • O baby
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