arachnids - brachypelma emilia (mexican red leg tarantula) handling

brachypelma emilia (mexican red leg tarantula) handling

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  • @RoadRashBurn its a shame that she bit you although as you said it was probably an accident, they are the calmest of all the species we keep. Glad she wasnt hurt tho bud :)
  • that spider is sooooooo awesome!! do you like this breed? Im thinking about getting one but not sure which, i want something that is easy for handeling!
  • Got mine Dec. 17, 2009 at .75". It is now about 2". After all those month, it finally bit me on Oct. 31, 2010. Scared me when it did too. I tossed it off my finger onto my friend's leg. Thank god it wasn't the floor. It wasn't hurt. I really don't think it was trying to bite me. I think it was just trying to use it's fangs to grab a hold to climb out the cage. I was putting her in and she didn't want to go in and started using her fangs to climb. As she got to the top, one fang caught me.
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