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  • How did I get here.
  • @ Romero, check the aquatic section of your pet shop or even Wal-Mart... The charcoal is the kind you use in a fish tank but I woukd think you could find it in the gardening section of Lowes or a hardware store. Hope that helps.
  • If your reptiles's cage is tall enough, I would put the nepenthes up on a shelf in it. Just make sure its no where near the heat lamp.
  • por favor si pudieran traducirlo al castellano se los agradeceria....beatriz
  • @KidNewtron you shouldnt be putting a reptile in somthing in this anyway.
  • @KidNewtron as a reptile keeper i would say no because reptiles are very sensitive animals and ive never heard anyone useing charcoal
  • 1:11 is that a dead mouse??
  • Intriguing. There are some charming ideas here. Glad I found it.
  • Actually, yes you can. There are just some different steps to how it is all set up. The most common animal containing terrariums house small frog species like dart frogs. There are plenty of videos on here that show how to make a terrarium that can house animals. Just look them up by that animal such as "Dart Frog Terrarium".
  • what kind of charcoal should you put in? and where can you get it?
  • only if you make a really big terrariums and you don;t care about plants
  • can you put creatures and animals in a terrariums
  • I love making these, i use the colorful glass rocks and some crazy hanging vines, staining the glass makes them look really pretty too.
  • first i thopught "Terrorismus" Lol
  • from what i have heard, it shouldn't be a problem. Urine build up may be more a problem if you have a reptile in the container.
  • So many beautiful plants to look at! I love terrariums...made my first one in elem. school and still have a few now :)
  • How often should I water an open terrarium?
  • Not really... the introduction of waste would create an imbalance to the system.
  • Very cool.
  • the settins or background seem reminds me of jurasic park 3
  • Activated charcoal you can get at any pet store
  • His voice kind of reminds me of Robert Osbourne from TCM
  • can you replace charcoal with carbon from fish filter?
  • @tongastone Deberias aprender ingles, eso te dara mucha mas oportunidades. Lo que estan diciendo es que, para hacer un terrarium debes de tener, "gravilla o rocas pequenas, carbon y tierra. Primero pones la gravilla en el fondo del envase, luego el carbon para filtrar y luego la tierra donde sembraras solo plantas pequenas que no crezcan mucho. No debes de usar fertilizantes para que la planta no crezca mucho. Tambien no debes de sembrar plantas de diferentes terrenos. Cactus solamente.
  • you can make a terrarium out of a fish tank
  • and yet you are mean...
  • no. one is a clay animal. and the darker one is a ceramic hippo.
  • Not to be mean, but her voice sounds like she is a 14 year old boy.
  • More information, samochodowa waga osiowa - here.