arachnids - Invincible - Locusts

Invincible - Locusts

From (od) : musicdelight559 | Music | time (czas) 05:33 | count (liczba odwiedzin) 6309 | rating (ocena) 4.904762 | Advert. (polecamy) - promuj się z nami | Invincible - Locusts.

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  • I want this instrumental so bad
  • male or female i don't matter. this is dope track. cant believe i never heard of her before.
  • I been trying to find this person for a while. I stumbled on Invincible on Talib's blog. I've been impressed all night. Not a dope female emcee, a dope emcee in general.
  • that 2nd instrumental is something beautiful. that ish > a beach based sunset
  • Is anyone on here at all concerned with the content of these lyrics? Every comment is about Invincible's gender. While it may have an important role in the development of her personality and intellect in the culture we live in, they're talking about reviving one of the most innovative cities in America that gave us that beautiful motown soul, electronic music, and J Dilla. Pay respect to the D for everything the world has taken from it and give a little back by actually listening to the content.
  • invincible , one of the best female emcee without a doubt , the best one with bahamadia in my opinion , n finale is fuckin tight as always
  • wow she killed it.
  • @crackuserer invincible is the girl in this,shes in the video and everything, they from detroit
  • there's a actually a girl on this track invincible featuring finale checkout features vids on YT invincible is a girl !
  • yup, she is a dope mcee
  • @HighLikeServietski there's no girl on this track
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