arachnids - New York City - Video tour of Chelsea, Manhattan (Part 1)

New York City - Video tour of Chelsea, Manhattan (Part 1)

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  • Discover the industrial past of Chelsea #Manhattan, go gallery hopping and more! Take a look at part one of it on our site.
  • Take a video tour of #Chelsea in #NYC and discover what makes this popular area a must see! See it here on our blog:
  • Hi there, I'm a born and raised native chelsea-er. I have to strongly disagree that that Chelsea extends from 14th street all the way to 30thst! Chelsea stops at 23rd street. Otherwise good video. 
  • Stayed in Chelsea last year and loved it so much, am returning there in about 2 weeks time! Good video.
  • I don't know why but iwant to live there but I'm Canadian so I got to work for it
  • i thought Chelsea went up to 34th st to the north..
  • trying to make my way here
  • Chelthea
  • i gotta work outdoor everyday in chelsea
  • Hope you had a nice weekend in Chelsea ;)
  • @silkq Hey there ! Thanks a lot for your comment and your enthusiasm! David Hill is a very gifted guide, and New York City is a great place for him to showcase his talent :)
  • I live in the pjs here. I need new friends ladies my kik is jayistheman49
  • yeah i got drunk on new years and some how i ended up in chealsea
  • Let us know if we can help ;)
  • As usual, another great video from David Hill! I want to re-visit NYC and I had never thought of vacation rentals. I love Greenwich Village and the Chelsea area. I'm really reconsidering vacation rentals thanks to your videos!! Please do more and keep 'em coming. I did a marathon of NYHabitat videos today!!!LOL!
  • You are awesome! Thanks for your comment ;)
  • I miss Chelsea dammit, used to pass through there (Limelight) daily. So many hot women, models and model wannabes.
  • 1:53 Jesus would be so displeased thumbs up if you get it.
  • :D I visit here every weekend... I'm going tomorrow :]
  • We ended up in the upper east I think.
  • Awesome
  • I grew up here. Miss Nyc much...
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