arachnids - How a tarantula builds a trapdoor lid on its burrow

How a tarantula builds a trapdoor lid on its burrow

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  • 1:43 - I noticed one of it's feet has some kind of pincer, is that that on all their feet? That's an interesting thing I never knew about it.
  • Bery beatful?Sorry,im speak spanish ,dont speak english so much
  • I hate all perfectionists (first hour was perfect).
  • so cool! i learned a bit wonderful spider btw! 
  • Do you need to construct an artificial burrow (meaning a burrow made by something else in the wild) or does it dig one out itself? 
  • Really enjoyed your vid! What music did you use? Thanks!
  • +Van Valmo +michael angelo filoteo 
  • this deserves way more views
  • holy shit did you see the fang at 1:21?? fuck that shit!
  • Amazing footage! Thanks for sharing God's creations! 
  • 2:11 when the spider sticks their hairy ass outside the door its cute, but when i do it i get arrested.Double standards everywhere....
  • Proverbs tells us about observing and gaining wisdom from the spider
  • every damn time i see spider eyes it start tickeling in the front of my penis.
  • This is insanely genius 
  • Amazing.
  • it is tarantulas are so epic
  • Beautiful, thanks, and I will say it is god's creation possibly through evolution! But no doubt, one way or the other, God's creation!
  • i don't understand why god would deliberately confuse us with the notion of evolution.. unless of course satan made evolution.. but then again who made satan? it's all very confusing these fairy tales..
  • btw it is not a tarantula its a true spider it is a trapdoor
  • Cool.
  • alot of time for create a wonderfull thing and a stupid human need 5 sec for destroy it 
  • Ace vid! Very interesting! :)
  • absolutely stunning footage!
  • Fascinating!!! :D Im Lucky Enough To Own A Couple Of Trapdoor Spiders And Watching Them Making There Burrows Is Just So Amazing!!! :D And Can You Make A Update On The P.mettalica Colony? 
  • This is absolutely amazing!! Gotta get myself a trapdoor T.
  • awsome
  • i hate spiders but this was majestic 
  • Array
  • Fantastic...
  • I was wondering about Thanks! 😊👍
  • amazing sharing ... thanks
  • Not the best thing to watch before you have to do the kitty litter.
  • Terrific footage of an intriguing process. Congratulations!
  • More information, Tell us something interesting now - here.