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pets & such Pet Of The Week - Tarantulas / Scorpions

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  • Do you sell giraffes?
  • There is a shop in mexico?
  • do you sell p metal .slings or full grown pair ? h m
  • No utah
  • Is it in CA?
  • Gorgeous specimens; stupid broad. 
  • Great video! These guys have amazing exotics. I have bought LOTS of animals from them and they are always healthy. This is also one of the few pet store with employees that know what they're talking about. :0)
  • In regards to the whip scorpions,"These are actually a type of spider". WHAT?! No, they're not. They're in the order known as "Amblypygi" or "Amblypygids". Spiders are in the order, "Araneae". They are arachnids like spiders and scorpions, but they are neither. Just goes to show anyone can be called an "expert" in the pet industry. Sheesh.
  • where are you guys located
  • I'm not saying we should hunt her down or that she's some kind of torturer. oh hey, I can make completely obvious ellipses too! :D .........................
  • What kind of reaction would you have if the Rose haired bit you? Would you have to goto the hospital.
  • $129.99 for the singapore blue female, come on in and check them out.
  • What species is the Yellow Thick tail, Hottentotta trilineatus?
  • Just awful! My God! ...............
  • cause it's heaven to me
  • im looking for a african bird eater do you hace in stock
  • 3680 West 3500 South West Valley City, UT 84120 (801) 990-0279
  • Do you mean Goliath bird eaters? I've never heard of a tarantula called "African Bird Eater". Goliaths are South American.
  • how much is the singapore blue? i might have to go pick it up
  • do you guys have any pocilotheria species
  • Some species of whip scorpion are native to the U.S. still not spiders though.
  • where is this
  • 3:28 that animal was in the 4th Harry Potter movie.
  • Did she seriously just say that TANZANIAN tailess whip scorions come from America? Tanzania is in Africa haha... wrong pronunciation too. Damon diadema is also quite categorically not a spider either. In all fairness though our hobby is relatively young so you should expect errors like this in pet stores.
  • Oh no! Rose Hair, Red knees, and the Pink toe are the same as a sting from a scorpian, it's the same as a bee sting. Plus they are very nice so as long as you don't scare them or be mean to them then you won't have to worry about them biting.
  • @CHUCH1231 West valley UT
  • 3:42 I'm not a great fan of scorpions and spiders (was trying to find a video explaining why people like them) but I feel like it was awful of her to be shaking her hand like that with it sitting there. Poor little thing.
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