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How to Build an Orchid Terrarium : Terrariums & More

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  • Does anybody know where to get a jar like this?
  • Never ever ever ever just add ice to an orchid. Just let it dry between watering. If it doesn't dry out than it most likely needs to be repoted into looser moss or into bark.
  • Ice cubes are cold and can burn the top roots. Plus, it's hard to add water soluble fertilizer to ice cubes. It's usually not the water quantity ; as long as the orchid has drainage holes, a soak is fine. Just let the orchid drain and rewater when neccessary 
  • But hoe do we repot the orchid when the media breaks down.I can't imagine trying to pull it out and it won't come out cos the roots have spread all over
  • What species of orchid is that?
  • Just a reminder that most grocery store minis aren't actually minis ; they are usually just phalaenopsis hybrids that bloom from a young age. If you wants true mini, try getting some of the species.
  • cool tutorial compliments!!!is it possible to grow orchids in a closed vessel?(bottle garden or wardian case)I did not know it could be beautiful!how many times you have to give the air?sorry for the English but I use google traslator, I write from Italy
  • What species make for good mini-orchids?
  • Thanks so much for your tips, it's been very helpful! If you have a glass jar without a lid, how often would you water the terrarium? And would you use a spray or actually poor water in the jar.. And how much water??
  • That is sooo awesome :D "I've learned something today":D It's really looks so cute and beautiful, I love it.
  • watering by ice cubes will kill your orchid. Sorry
  • this is so helpful, thank you. we tried having orchids inside the house in a pot several times in the past, but none of them survived... could be the weather here in US cold and hot.. this give me the push to try having orchid one more time, this time in a terrarium (which I have to try doing for the first time) .. one of my family just experimented doing terrarium, and we talked about it the other day..
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