arachnids - Pelinobius muticus (King Baboon) Handling.

Pelinobius muticus (King Baboon) Handling.

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  • It's also a hooked out male! They are burrowers so I knew right away it was a P. Murinus (or "King Baboon). Wow, you handled it! 
  • I think Ts can sense if your scared when ever i handle mine ive always been really calm 
  • U can tell its a king baboon by its back legs r thick and longer :-) 
  • Sweet T!! Love your videos I have learned a lot about T's from watching your videos!! I agree that T's can sense if your calm or nervous!! Great looking baboon look forward to him in a feeding video!!!!
  • I will heed your warning. I have a little King Baboon, and it already has a bit of that famous baboon spider attitude. 
  • is that a male king baboon?
  • Why are all your spiders so catatonic?
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