arachnids - FUNNY Crickets' Song (Acheta domesticus)

FUNNY Crickets' Song (Acheta domesticus)

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  • I've had a few of these escape into my basement where we have an oil burner, they survived by finding tiny bits of cat kibble and dead bugs on the ground, half of the basement is unfinished. Anyway, they adapt quickly and become very agile over a week or so and they will try and bite you if you catch one. I've seen them mate, but never had any baby crickets, no substrate to lay them in. It was quite interesting, but we had over 20 males, so you can imagine how loud it got!
  • I can't get mine to chirp :/
  • To breed, you could put in a container with moist soil so you could remove and replace it every two weeks.
  • crickets bite me alot when i try to feed my leopard geckos,so i tweezer feed
  • you have to clean that habitat...
  • YES, I know , but I can't clean it now because they are laying eggs...It is the third generation. Thanks for comment.
  • Very interesting... and revealing.. after watching this video, I can only assume there were a lot of lonely crickets sittin' in my back woods tonight..Singin' along with my muses...I hope they find who their looking for_ Stan Munsey
  • If it has a long spike it is a female, and females don't chirp! (at least the acheta)
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