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Best Decorations for a Terrarium | Pet Tarantulas

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  • Can anyone tell me WHY my cork bark moulded? I thought it didn't mould in high humidity?! I have to keep my Avicularia Versicolor enclosure moist obviously, so what could have happened? I took it out, scrubbed it with dish soap and a toothbrush, (not one we use). though it was not new either, and within one day, back popped the green mould! So what can I use? A new piece of cork bark I guess.
  • I live is southern California, if I go out to the desert and find a tarantula can I capture it and keep it? Will it do well in captivity or is it best to buy one from the pet store?
  • They are pretty expensive though...
  • 7th
  • Can I keep more than 1 in a cage
  • I hope you all get bitten VVVVVVV ;)
  • Make a how to in case you are lost and don't know where to go howcast
  • Yeah
  • 8th and was that spider there the whole time
  • 5 th
  • 4tg
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