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How to Treat a Tarantula Bite | Pet Tarantulas

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  • try to look at the camera thats being used.switching vieuws is great and all but it just looks awkward when the presentator is not informed where he should look.
  • Can I turn into spider-man?
  • Ya I have anaphylactic shock/reactions with venom from bees, wasps, jellyfish, stingrays, and tarantulas as well so I keep a epi-pen with me just in case. My science teacher has a tarantula and I usually just don't hold it to be safe. 
  • My tarantula is cute. 
  • Bite them before they bite you.
  • +starshadow1 Why'd you kill your own pet?
  • I just wanna interject a comment here. most of you will laugh at me probably for my geek-dom. but I've been a hobbyist for about 7 years now and have owned at one point or another nearly every species of tarantula. I love teaching, and just want to educate ppl, that's all. the tarantulas he's referring to that kick the urticating hairs are known as new world tarantulas. they're native to north and south america. the itching hairs are their first line of defense, 90% of the time they're not gonna bite. the species that are from the other hemisphere (Asia, Africa, etc.) are known as old world tarantulas. they do NOT have these urticating hairs, and therefore have nasty temperaments and will readily bite. and unlike their new world counterparts, their venom is HIGHLY potent. unless you're lucky enough to have one that has a nice temperament (I had a mysore that was very nice and let me handle her) you don't want to handle these tarantulas. the one's with the most potent venom are the Poecelotheria genus. the common name is ornamentals. I had a redslate ornamental, just molted, so I wanted to get her out for some pictures. she was threat posturing and not in a good mood so I should've known better. finally got her on my hand and she immediately bit me. it was my own fault, not hers. I'm not allergic to the venom, but theirs is so potent I felt like a 90 year old man with the flu. it hurt to walk for two weeks. again, my own fault for not respecting her wishes of wanting to be left alone, it wasn't her fault. so despite what anyone posts videos on youtube saying, I simply advise that WHATEVER species of tarantula you get, always always always read up on their care conditions, their temperament, and how handlable they are. people on here are correct when they say rosies and pinktoes are THE best beginner species to get. those were my first two. but always just do your research. that's the safest way in owning and enjoying these marvelous, beautiful animals. I apologize for the rambling. like I said, I love to teach =) (ps--in my 7 yrs in the hobby, that bite is the one and only time I've been bitten. and yes, I had an 11.5" goliath birdeater that let me handle her constantly. it all depends on the spider's temperament. they have personalities just like people lol).
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  • As far as the hairs things he was talking about I understand all too well.I install ventilation ducts and for the most part it has to be wrapped in insulation.That stuff really sucks balls to get of you.In other words its just like the tarantula hairs.
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