arachnids - Arachnid Go Kart -- Hill Climb

Arachnid Go Kart -- Hill Climb

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  • If you can, please tell me how the 40 series works out. We just burn through a centrifugal cluch with the 16 hp.
  • Cool, feel free to stop by some time to take a look if you would like.
  • Thanks!
  • kool
  • Suspension is alright, but we are probably going to upgrade the shocks to hydraulic instead of mechanical. We have the 30 series torque converter on it now, but it is really too small. We are shredding belts pretty fast. We have a series 40 on order. That should be a right fit for the 420 cc engine.
  • True. It would be nice to have the gear box and reverse
  • Where are you located? This looks a lot like Utah.
  • Payson UT
  • I would go with a 4 wheeler motor with a 4 wheeler motor Thats what im doing with my arachnid.Also did you build you front end to spec cuz I have heard the blueprints are wrong on the width of the suspension block
  • Looks impressive. Couple of questions for you, how's the suspension travel and what torque converter are you using?
  • 420cc is BIG motor but if you actually had a 4 wheeler motor you would have the gear box and probably reverse Thanks for geting back to me I wanna see more vids of your kart keep'm coming
  • 420 cc is the size of a mid-size 4-wheeler engine. I built the front end to spec, but if doing it again I would add 1-2 inches. Some people widen it too.
  • Awesome. My buddy and I are building a very similar Kart up here in Orem. We just need a new motor mount to fit with the new torque converter. send me a text and I'll shoot you some pics. three 1 eight- three six three 2
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