arachnids - My new Brachylpelma Vagans (mexican red rump tarantula)

My new Brachylpelma Vagans (mexican red rump tarantula)

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  • Defensive? These are not defensive at all!
  • My B Vagans is about 3cm and he is sooo calm. It chills in its hide
  • My first Tarantula and definitely not my last
  • Those get pretty big
  • Cant wait to get mine soon :)
  • try subscribing to jon3800 he has hundreds of ts and he is very informative
  • Is this spider poisonous?
  • I love brachypelmas my smithi just molted she is now 1.25" inches and soon i will get a B.vagans
  • that is correct. but keep in mind EVERY scorpion and tarantula is venomous to a degree
  • i have a full grown mexican red rump i literally had it for 5 years and its super calm its about the size of my hand probably 9 inches long maybe longer
  • @Ash7410able They do have venom but most New World T's don't bite and instead kick up hairs.
  • Little off topic.... But DAMN who tore up that tattoo??
  • Man I lucked into a 4" female at Petco today for 75%off 40$ which was 10$ for a vagans
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