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7 New Tarantulas

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  • Nice brown morph of A.seemanni
  • yea das what i ment i didnt go cus when i looked it up i seen nuttin on t's
  • is this the expo dat was in westbury i believe? dat jus passed?
  • westchester.
  • fair enough Did you?
  • @x1xNoisEx1x uh..might want to google those two...
  • shit sherlock. you buy trade or loan males for breeding.
  • Sericopelma looks very similar to a C. cyaneopubescen
  • LOL
  • there where about 3 or 4 vendors selling T's..there was 8 legs plus, scott crowe reptiles, animal kingdom, walk on the wild side. walk on the wild side had the best selection, thats where i got those 7
  • Never understood the fascination with tarantulas, yours look cool though...Do you handle them or just put em in an enclosure and never touch em? I can't see growing attached, but that's me.
  • we´ll know, if he touched them too long :D
  • why wud u buy a mature male they die in like a year
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