arachnids - Honduran Curlyhair; Up Close & Personal

Honduran Curlyhair; Up Close & Personal

From (od) : Bob TheSpiderHunter | Education | time (czas) 13:44 | count (liczba odwiedzin) 1078 | rating (ocena) 5.0 | Advert. (polecamy) - promuj się z nami | Honduran Curlyhair; Up Close & Personal.

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  • Definitely my favorite tarantula of all time along side the brachypelma smithi. 
  • I have arachnophobia, but I have to admit, she's beautiful.
  • This video is loaded with awesomeness! I also enjoyed the musical score. Your "About me" on your channel is also very nice. I, too, am a follower of God. I'm looking forward to watching your other videos and more to come. :)
  • @kiimuu - Yes, she does it a lot and you're right, it does make it more interesting to film her underside! Hope all is well with you and your studies! Bob
  • amazing video, i like theses videos that show animals are more then just "primal instinct" and are living breathing things just like us.also love the music, witch one is the flute one and where can i find it? RT p.s. what happened to the worm?
  • nice
  • That is great filming. I have a curlyhair sling and I can't wait until it's grown bigger. Tarantulas are God's gift to spider fans. How can anyone resist a large, fluffy spider? lol
  • Hi, hopefully she may replace the leg in her next molt! No guarantees, but they can do this. Do you know she is a female? The are so unique in their temperaments and you'll enjoy watching and learning about her little quirks as time goes on. Have fun! Bob
  • @stevenplol - Hi, not sure what you had in mind when you said, "these creatures are so deadly"...if you were a cricket, I could appreciate that! LOL Bob
  • @stevenplol - Why that may be true for some, very few people die from a bite from a tarantula. More people with an alergic reaction to venom, die from a bee sting than a spider bite.
  • Wow Bob she is magnificent.! great up close video footage of her. Looks like she enjoys being filmed and is not shy even on a bad hair day lol. Thumbs up on this very cool video my friend :*) :*) :*)
  • @BobCsAll Wow. shes beautiful. i would love to have a spider like her.
  • @tarantulaguy1998 - Thanks for watching, a bit long, but I had fun! I don't have any plans for any more T's for now, as I really prefer not to be a "zoo-keeper" but I must say she has been lots of fun for me to watch, feed and observe her unique behaviors. The song is from a CD called, "Instrumental Moods" Magical PanPipes, song: was "Midnight Moon." Appreciated your leaving a comment! Bob
  • Love tarantulas, mw and my wife just got our first one. A Grammostola Rosea, her name is Alice and shes still getting used to her enclosure. Not sure how but apparently b4 we got her from the pet store her rear most left leg got severed, but she does fine.
  • @BobCsAll also its a shame these creatures are so deadly...
  • @xXDragonCatXx - Yes, I am persuaded to agree with you, she is a beautiful spider, as far as spiders go that is! LOL Bob
  • Thanks for the comment; you made me smile!
  • @BobCsAll what i mean by that is tbhe fact their toxins can kill a human beign
  • Nice video of the curly hair. I found an ant mimicking jumping spider, hope to get a good video of him, he just moves around so much, so I'll have to film him when he's calm.
  • Well her leg has grown considerably b4 we obtained her, and yes i know shes female because you can see the flap under her abdomen when shes climbing the glass.
  • @Torn80cj - Hey would love to see those vids of the ant mimicker! Thanks for the comment, Bob
  • One hell of a beautiful video Bob, this tarantula is certainly my favourite Brachypelma next to the Mexican Red Knee (Brachypelma smithi). At that note, do you think you might be getting some more Ts and Whats the music that starts at 1:22
  • Oh gosh a glass climber! Really makes for some interesting shots of her underside. She's very beautiful!
  • Hi Tim, it seems the hunting spiders, at least some of the Tarantulas, and many of the jumping spiders have this ability to climb smooth surfaces. The "T" uses special microscopic webbing ducts on it's toes to hold fast to glass, whereas the jumping spiders have such tiny fine hairs on their foot (toe) pads that they can actually grab on to the tiny irregularities that we can't even see with our naked eye that are in the glass! Good question. Bob
  • lol poor food ae id shit my self if i was food :( but im not :)
  • @BobCsAll i agree. even thoulgh some people die because of spiders that doesent mean their not beautiful -steven
  • More information, ogłoszenia rolnicze - here.