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Some Plants And Frogs For Vertical Terrariums

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  • what tipe of light do you yous. i have had these two bromileads for half a year and they havent puped yet and were do you get the light
  • We use t8 strip lights that are purchased from Home Depot
  • No i came up with these babies myself!! Completely my ideas!!!
  • Lookingood BillyRay. Did you get your ideas for vertical tanks from the Tarantula guy? He's got greatutorials on how he builds his and they look sweetoo. Thanks for the comments on my d frog tadpoles. Have four fat auratus and two azeurus. Have to get 'em vitamins quick. What kind of algae do you feed yours?
  • Hi Bryan, how old are you please ?
  • We made two of ours and the others were from a sold collection.
  • Looks great. Terrific episode.
  • More information, Tell us something interesting now - here.