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Brazilian Black Basic Setup and Care.MOV

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  • there's plenty of room for a water container...
  • Thanx for the reply I will do so now
  • Do you have any for sale and do you ship. I've been dying to get my hands on one
  • @diablogtrwill I do not use heating just keep the temp of the room at 75-85 at highest. Never use heating lights for T's and I wouldnt recommend any heating pad. For small spderlings you can use a small delicup or container. You can see my DIY for home made housing. Be sure to put enought substrate for burrowers and some bark for arboreals. Give them space but do not make the container so big that they cannot catch thier food. Feel free to send me a message if you need any info.
  • do u use any heating for your tarantula and what size kritter keeper would you use for any sort of tarantula from spiderling - adult ?
  • use a bottle cap for her and by a hermit crab spung and cut it OK
  • @IAmADalek at 2 inches it can very easily take down a large cricket and you will see it plump up. If your more comfortable give it mediums first and see how it does. They usally take them down quick and fast. If your doing medium (about 1/2 inch) go with 3 first week see if it plumps it up and then drop to 2 a week. the more you feed the faster it will grow. Great thing about these is if they do not want to eat they tend to discard the remains in a food ball.
  • More information, Tell us something interesting now - here.