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How to make terrariums

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  • Wonderful. Thank you!
  • i had planted 3 plants on a jar aquarium and unfortunately, two of them died...
  • cool video
  • Thank you, glad you enjoyed it
  • Thanks Andrew, check out our website, we stock a variety of glass containers that are suitable for Terrariums. In -store you can also consult one of our Horticulturists how to best create your terrarium.
  • Eden Gardens is located in Sydney, Brisbane and close to Melbourne. Call one of our stores to see if we have any available. You can find the contact details on our website
  • I noticed that you sprayed water directly on the leaves of the African Violet. How did they survive as these violets do not like water on their leaves, they need to be watered from the bottom. That being the case, the violet should be kept in a container that allows this and you could cover it with a cloche for humidity. When building terrariums, only plants that are compatible should be placed in one container. You would not put a moisture loving plant like a fern with an arid loving cactus.
  • Where do you get your containers at? I'm having trouble finding containers similar to those
  • beautiful,luv it! where do you get the charcoal,thanks!
  • @ozgday no problem! Glad you enjoyed it!
  • guessing you could use bonsai soil as well?
  • yes bonsai soil could be used too. Bonsai soil has little more sand than normal potting mix so it is more free draining, so should be ok to use in a terrarium
  • Hi Abir, did you over water them maybe? Terrariums usually require a lot less water than regular planting methods as they are their own ecosystem.
  • you can get it in-store at Eden Gardens. Check out our website to find your closest store!
  • More information, Tell us something interesting now - here.