arachnids - Buddy Holly & The Crickets - Brown Eyed Handsome Man

Buddy Holly & The Crickets - Brown Eyed Handsome Man

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  • Yeah early rock and roll . Thanks to my parents .
  • If this the the overdubbed version, it isn't the Crickets, its the Fireballs.
  • Very good cover of this Chuck Berry tune. Sound as good as Chuck.
  • To this day, the best musician ever lived.
  • Ach was ging damals in der Diskothek die Post mit meiner Freundin ab.
  • I got a blue eyed, brown hair handsome man :) Or boy, whatever!
  • the MUSIC did die with him--after that--mushy pap.
  • freekin brill, simple gear in the studio to produce a sound like this, gobsmacked
  • I wonder if Buddy's version inspired his friend the late great Waylon Jennings to record his great country music version of this song ?
  • Buddy > Elvis
  • Buddy just had that perfect voice and sound. May his soul rest in peace.
  • Shoshone69123, I hoope its not me!
  • Written and originally performed by Chuck Berry.
  • Fantastic...
  • I may be too young to listen to Buddy when he was around (only 29now), but he will always be one on my Favorites!!!!!!
  • @shoshone69123 So do I..I hope my wife doesn't find out.
  • Classic Rock n Roll tune by Buddy Holly & the Crickets is unforgettable just like the rest of his music....RIP Buddy, Richie & Big Bopper........
  • takes me Dad had this 45(which i now have)in his collection. i remember stacking this and about 4 others on tne record player,which sometimes slipped! i must have been about 4!(in 1963) the flip was Bo Diddley..Good days
  • what a song-the father of rock and roll,, gone before his time
  • born in 71. grew up listenin 2 this man..legend
  • Buddy's version of this song is very good! I like it a lot:)
  • The beautiful daughter couldn't make up her mind between a doctor and a lawyer man her mother told her darling go out and find yourself a brown eyed handsome man that's what your daddy is a brown eyed handsome man
  • Good song.
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