arachnids - DIY Buttress Root Tree for terrariums and vivariums. (Drylok method)

DIY Buttress Root Tree for terrariums and vivariums. (Drylok method)

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  • I must try this!
  • Very artsy...creative too !
  • Your awesome. Thanks for the idea kick start.
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  • Ryan, wow..I hope you can answer these questions...please? So, what acrylic paint can be used ? All of the paint stuff is ok with dart frogs? I use the great stuff and have been wondering about painting it and be safe for dart frogs and this is the first video I have seen where paint has been involved ...I am a newbie so I need all the help I can get because I don't want to kill my frogs! Thanks..and the video and your work is amazing...great job!
  • Hi Ryan! I own a two year-old bearded dragon. She wouldn't enjoy the tree as much as a basking spot. But I was wondering if the paints you used for your tree would also work for a bearded dragon? 
  • MAN!!! You are genius! Congrats. I was thinking just HOW to do something like that. Althought here in Brazil I guess we don´t have all materials. I´ll try to do it anyway. For a nice paludarium! I´m biologist and love these kind of things. Keep in touch. C ya.
  • Awesome job and vid Ryan. Do you know if Drylok will stick to rubber?
  • thanks man! glad you liked the video.
  • Thanks for such an easy to follow guide! The end result is brilliant and I'm going to try your technique in my next critter habitat! !
  • Pretty baller technique you got going there, will deffinetly be trying that out! Nice alternative to spenidng AGES hunting down that rare goodlooking piece of driftwood :P
  • @awot100 thanks for the compliment! definitely post a video of yours when its finished. i love to see peoples' hard work pay off
  • Man, I rarely come across someone that pays as much attention to detail as I do. Great job!
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