arachnids - Brachypelma smithi \ Mexican red knee eats baby mouse FULL HD

Brachypelma smithi \ Mexican red knee eats baby mouse FULL HD

From (od) : segev106 | Pets & Animals | time (czas) 04:57 | count (liczba odwiedzin) 7410 | rating (ocena) 4.0 | Advert. rolnicy finanse | Brachypelma smithi \ Mexican red knee eats baby mouse FULL HD.

Comment (komentarze):

  • What a nice tarantalu cause he eat from the head first, instant kill. No pain
  • Check out my tarantula eating on my channel :) 
  • good
  • aggg the song at the start sounds like one from a person that reads creepy pastas and i feel like hes just going to start talkin xP
  • Yumm yumm ;)
  • great choice of music fee this! haha
  • I feed my tarantula just like u feed your dog or your cat! tarantulas hunts there food! this is your problem you watch this....
  • Wow,some people really are ignorant. How the hell u gonna eat if u dont kill?
  • Fckyou Spider,you just killed a baby mouse DX but I love spiders,they are sooo cute
  • NOT sobrutal XD R.I.P Baby Jerry :D
  • Holy shit I cant wait for my red knee to look as beautiful as yours (mine is like 2 inch diameter)
  • What is that song's name
  • Ye when I bought my red knee I was wondering if I should have got one as a juvi but I wanted to raise one from a younger age so that it was more fond of handling and so on when it is older.
  • Grow a Dick David! Go hug a tree or sumthing numbnuts
  • Give it an emperor scorpion and see what happens.
  • mexican redknee grows very slow bro... try to rase Salmon pink birdeater (Lasiodora parahybana) they grow for 5 inch's in 1 year...
  • Oh god, do NOT give it an emperor scorpion. It will kill your tarantula! I would hate to see that happen, it's beautiful.
  • How often do they molt? My juvi hasnt molted for 7 months
  • He's praying in the begining
  • beethoven-moonlight sonata
  • Ur a bitch a hole do that to ur self
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