arachnids - Live FOOD Free! Day 10 Nithya Nirahari Diary

Live FOOD Free! Day 10 Nithya Nirahari Diary

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  • thanks for the update :) Hope to meet your 'partner in enlightenment' in a video soon ;)
  • I'm very interested in your video topics. I am a pagan and have been for thirteen years but am very open minded to all walks in life. But I'm curious what is the point to not eating? Is your journey like a fasting experience? Or do you actually believe we do not need food at all? Thanks so much ahead of time! Love your energy!
  • Omg i love u sooooo much 
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  • Also...this isn't getting boring at all! the physical realm not eating is easy. But it's the spiritual changes that are what it's truly about. And you're chatting and just tossing out all these little nuggets of insight...not boring.
  • This was wonderful...there were a couple of things that I needed to hear...I really liked how you described wanting to eat as wanting to experience the food, not needing actual physical sustenance. This is something I struggle with on a day to day basis--when I'm eating for the wrong reasons I'm usually choosing the wrong foods. If I'm eating for physical sustenance, I'm going to choose healthy, nurturing food. When I eat for pleasure, I'm literally choosing foods that are damaging my body. Pretty messed up...I'm definitely going to think about this.I also love how you described our network of friends as real estate...I have a couple of crack houses in my neighborhood that need to go :-)I didn't see the link for the webinar... Did I miss it somehow?
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