arachnids - Costa Rican Zebra Tarantula Question (Please Read Info)

Costa Rican Zebra Tarantula Question (Please Read Info)

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  • Hmmm... They usually are larger than rosehairs. One of the best indicators that you've got an A. seemani is the color of the undersides and spinerettes. If they aren't cream to orange colored then it's not seemani or A. sp. Guatemala. A. seemani is usually dark brown to black sometimes with a bluish tint, especially right after a molt, with very distinct leg stripes. A. sp. Guatemala tend to be lighter brown to bluish gray with less distinct leg striping. Do you have pics or video in daylight w
  • She's looking healthy like mine :). Males of this species are brown, much more leggier and have the tibial hooks. I think seemannis get like 5.5 inches (almost rose hair size), so shes still has growing to do. It may be a subadult like mine
  • no problem man :) I just made a 5 part video of my collection, deleted part 2 (was only 4 sec). I believe my seemanni is in part 4 if u want to compare with yours
  • The orange underside you mean? My robustum, maculata have similar coloration. Kinda hard to see the tibia and the colors on Stella. If youre talking about the white stuff under the legs, thats normal
  • That's how they clean themselves.
  • Thank you soo much! That was fast.
  • OK, Thanks. Now about the design. Would you say that after the next molt, this will look alot more like a zebra tarantula?
  • oh becasue it looks white haha my badd tight spiderz do
  • Thanks. Will do. Oh, do you notice the tibia, and the section below it in this video. I think it is oddly colored for a zebra tarantula. Is it a part of growing up for these spiders? Is it always like this? (sorry for all the questions)
  • next molt
  • whats iy doing
  • @natebugman 's I've had one a long time and I was told she was Nicaraguan. She's brown with cream colored striped knees, Is very aggressive. Likes having a cave,(box) but keeps it very clean - no dirt. Webs the bark on half the cage floor together. Likes water and has a pool. She eats the entire cricket . She's bigger than a rose. Sound familiar?
  • lol No, she's just cleaning herself
  • no. I know that they have an orange underbelly. It's kindof hard to see, but if you were to look on the tibia, it looks like two up-side-down L's pointing in opposite dirrections. And, below the tibia has some kind of a wierd design.
  • Oh ok. I never really payed attention to that lol
  • awesome spider gotta love it is it muching on a funzzy if so exellent
  • I know this an old video and you may know this by now, but that appears to be what is being called Aphonopelma sp. Guatemala. Pet stores have been selling them as stripe knees or Costa Rican stripe knees, but they aren't the same species.
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