arachnids - Costa Rican Zebra Tarantula Tries To Get Out

Costa Rican Zebra Tarantula Tries To Get Out

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  • Ya, but with smaller abdomens, you can't really sex them properly. but psalmopoeus, and pokies are easy to sex, the females are more colorful than the males
  • I will post one within a week.
  • You know, they are actually alot more shy than they are dangerous. You know, it's very muck like any other house spider. They wouldn't bite you on porpuse.
  • Ya, those ill attempts. Not the case with arboreals tho. Scare them and they take off like lightning on the glass
  • @mantellanicky Actually, there are two species of spider that aren't venomous.
  • I only remember seeing on. And it literally says in one of the spider books I own that they occur as far north as Upstate New York, and Massachussets, Whick I happen to live right in upstate New York. Pretty cool ay?!
  • lol YEAH!!!
  • go mythbusters yay
  • @choidj Actually, this one isn't even big at all. haha Probably, 3-4 inches.
  • actually all spiders/tarantulas are venomous. But mosts bites are only as powerful as a beesting but it still has poison, only a few tarantulas will kill u if bitten.
  • Not really. I actually cannot get enough of these things. I would be buying so many more, but I live under the rules of my parents. lol My mom was like scared to death of these things, and wouldn't let me have one until After 8 years of bribing. Now, I have 2 of them, and she thinks they are the most boring pets I could ever get. I personally think turtles are, but other people tend to beg to differ.
  • Yeah, That's another true one.
  • lol. Yeah. I think it is so cool that arboreals can survive really long falls because of the smaller abdomen and the tufts of hair on the legs.
  • Yeah, this one can't escape because of her worn adhessive pads. This thing can be quite funny at times.
  • that's how they do it... had 2 Ts that actually escaped on me. My past mature male b.emilia and my pulchra (when she was a sling). I just hope my goliath doesn't develop that smarts ^_^
  • True. On the bright side, noone has ever died from a tarantula bite.
  • Yeah actually that is in the nature of that tarantula mine also does that when iwake up its gone then trying to find it I thought its gone but when the night comes I put a mice on its cage/home then the night passed then tomorrow I saw my spider eating the mice so I put a barrier on top so my spider can't go out again
  • Yes, but with extreme caution. It won't result in killing us, but may result in the killing of them with a simple one foot fall. These and many are NOT venomess. Only a few are, but no recorded deaths of tarantula bites.
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