arachnids - African Spur-thighed tortoise habitat video reptilestv

African Spur-thighed tortoise habitat video reptilestv

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  • Lets see a video. I'm interested to see your setup.
  • i actually found mine in an alley and took it in but need help maintaining him, he has a respiratory infection though
  • i want one sooo bad and a tank just like that
  • u need a uva and ucb bulbs? i thought u only needed a uvb bulb
  • It's been a month. How about that vid of your tort Mr Expert???
  • pegarle algo al rededor del cristal para que entonces no se frustren? pienso que la pecera estabien, si son bebes! y pegarle un papel al vidrio de la pecera ...mejor que todo es el eno !
  • but thats mostly when the tank is small like a 20 long! i hav a 40 gallon long tank and my sulcata loves it!
  • wow, okay, so I thought maybe these guys know what they are doing, but i guess not. first i noticed when they laid the substrate down, that she used 5.5 qt and that was it, so I immediately thought, this tank has got to be too small! I used about 16 qts of substrate for my enclosure and it's just for one baby tortoise and they put two in there?! And the whole glass tank thing is just terrible. And what about the fact the hide is in the hot part of the tank? What she thinking?
  • @MinotaurTank Where is your tort? Tanks are perfectly fine for torts, you're just spreading your opinion and passing it off as fact.
  • and u put a sulcata in a glass tank and it lives for ... years 1 or 2 no idea what there talking about
  • I just have one word of advice, it is usually suggested that tortoises are not kept in glass tanks because slamming into it can stress them out and cause their lives to shorten. Otherwise, you have everything else correct.
  • You never had a tort so quit posting comments about an animal you know nothing about.
  • Never use tanks for tortoises,they do not get the concept of glass retard
  • nice and tight....LOL!!!
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