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Black Widow Bites, Two For One Sale! tinyfi

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  • @EasyKills1 Y u no use verbs?
  • Next time play with a brown recluse there a lot more fun.
  • Why the fuck did you play with it? I would kill it.
  • Trust numb nutz. You havnt got bit "really good" yet. Your time is coming doofass
  • Y u so dumb?
  • @aveng7foldunreal Why don't you pick up a black mamba - just to see what happens!
  • well, not as lucky as you might think. the vast majority of non-critical defensive bites by widows are dry. their venom is insanely expensive to manufacture so they don't really waste it i've had a couple skitter across my hand while moving rocks or stuff... but i haven't picked any up. i am growing slightly milder in my old age. i still know how to work with them if i need to though... and *know* i can do it
  • did you miss elementary school?
  • woulda been funny if you droped to the ground screaming and ended your video that way, then made another one later going LOL! fooled ya.
  • Brave man
  • @Timmeh705 boy... i just might have to do that! if i delete your comment it is only cuz i have something like that in the works =P thanks for watching and for the suggestion!
  • @Tenken89 Indeed the re! Oops sorry, I meant "Indeed theY Are."
  • "are" would not have been a verb, anyways :P :)
  • I keep Widow spiders and other spiders as pets, and nothing will ever keep me from playing with any of them. I've been bit by things 100 times worse than widows. It all depends on the species of spider, the individual person and spider, and the severity of the bite. The brown widows I caught in Hawaii would usually fall down into a ball and play dead, then roll around in my hands until they wanted to walk or run. Black widows usually throw sticky beaded webs at you when you try to touch them.
  • your emo with black widows
  • dude you crazy!!!!! i have 25 brown widow and i wont dare touch them!!!!! why dont they bite you????
  • sun hat steve irwin died because he messed with something he didn't know enough about AND he got pretty unlucky. i know more about spiders than he did about string rays. that is why i am alive and he isn't ;) also, he might not of even had to die, but instead of letting medicos fix him he pulled the spine out himself and sprung a fatal leak. i probably wouldn't do that thanks for watching
  • wow your real calm with thim im like this with bee's i can hold thim like u can :)
  • I will soon get a vid of a black widow biting me for so many seconds, and then on the redness and swelling. It kinda stings a little with some warm tingling soreness and itching, like fire ants and mosquitos, not usually as bad as a tiny bee sting, unless you are sensitive to being bit or stung.
  • Don't really learn, do you ? :P
  • Gandalf wannabe? What the hell was with that hat? You know, Steve Irwin died screwing with animals he shouldn't have been...
  • er, have you read *anything* about their venom. you are getting dry bites and sound like a bit of a severely undereducated idiot, to be honest you will know when you get a wet bite, rest assured. well, no, you won't rest for a few days when you get a wet bite their venom is so expensive they generally only wet bite to feed or in times of greatest peril
  • This must be miniature black widow you can bearly see it I really don't think that little thing is going to hurt any one only an ant maybe
  • @cacoseraph y he like to get bit by spiders?
  • @TheBoxingButterfly Im like 12 and I think i got bit, this guy has a bad nervous system, cause my symptoms arent that bad, just a little joint pain in the bite area and slight diziness.
  • wow...u really did get lucky!! still playin with em though im sure?
  • @aveng7foldunreal i used to paint my nails to trick bees into landing on them. if you paint two circles of color like a target then, if the colors are right in the ultraviolet spectrum, it looks like a flower to a bee. if i put my hands in clovers i could usually get a bee or two to land on them :)
  • nize faze fuzz
  • More information, wysłodki buraczane suche - here.