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  • what ppl so rude how would u like if somebody was playing with ur pink funny looking ass babbies...
  • If I had a rose hair tarantula I'm gonna name her rosey too
  • We have a classpet rose hair tarantula named rosey and for the first time I held her with my bear hands!!!!!!
  • Educate yourself about breeding T's dumbass.
  • Nice
  • Lol I hate the feeling of cotton balls too
  • :-P 
  • Dont touch them.
  • pour some alcohol in there and get a lighter quick 
  • Do u sell them?
  • Ewwwwwwwwww
  • Dont touch that
  • Do u incubate them or just leave them in the box to hopefully hatch?? :)
  • What run going to do with all of them?
  • More guts than me
  • R u*
  • yah just to le you know spiders have hundreds of babays but with most kinds of spiders only 5 to 2 survive so that's kinda normal
  • Looks like cotton
  • Cool I might be getting a trattular
  • It makes me happy knowing someone like you loves these little creatures like a momma :)
  • Shud be 500
  • if you don't pull the sac and you leave it you suddenly end up with 200+ spiders in one tank and it's incredibly hard to get them out at that point because they're EVERYWHERE. it's better to seperate them and put them in an incubator of sorts
  • why do they attach to your finger like that!!!
  • the issue with leaving the sac in is that the habitat will become over-ran with baby spiders which can be killed by the mom. Also, pulling the sac allows for special treatment to be given to each of the individuals.
  • how long did you wait to pull the egg sac after she laid it? my husband and I's flame rose hair just laid a sac 2 days ago and we where not sure when to pull it. it is our first egg sac any help would be greatly apprecieated. thanks
  • Robatusin
  • Sorry to hear about that, what do you think was the problem?
  • Why do lots of tarantula owners pull the sac? Why not leave it alone, wouldn't that be better?
  • that is so neat.. Definitely going to check out them hatching!
  • So sad to report that after many tragedies she was down to only one baby left and it too has since passed, it just wouldn't eat - so very sad we were looking forward to finding homes
  • The mother can sometimes eat the slings and then they would get nothing. It's much better odds to pull it yourself so that way there's none of that small chance.
  • adds up to 7000 dollars to your paypal daily!!!!!!!
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