arachnids - Lewis handling a Mexican red knee tarantula

Lewis handling a Mexican red knee tarantula

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  • we are getting one next week X
  • My younger brother wont even hold my 3 a half inch rose hair Wichita who is only about 1 and a half years old... Thats a beautiful mexican red knee!
  • That was me Lewis when I was 8 lol I'm the gay how holding the spider lol
  • I'm that guy
  • the smithis are so nice:) I got a 2 year old. Can't wait for it to grow up so i can handle it:)
  • they aren't poisonous at all, poison affects your digestive system, it's VENOM. Also, cutting their fangs off is a horrible thing to do, that would be like me cutting out your bottom jaw.
  • Nice I have a baby 7 months old lost a leg at 2 months its molted 3 times since her incident but now u wouldn't realise she lost a leg at all and am Scottish to
  • I'm 10 years old and I'm wondering what spider 2 get someone help me
  • @707Rocker707 Then how will they feed?
  • the fangs are always intact. they are venomous BUT it is to that of a bee sting. without the fangs they could not eat. they cannot kill humans UNLESS you are highly allergic to them. although in order to be killed by one you would have the same reactions to a bee sting hence you should not ever be killed by a tarantula.
  • @krittentun269 Tarantulas aren't poisonous at all, their bite only ammounts to that of a bee sting, which isn't even that bad, all aracknids are the same, the bigger the safer.
  • Go Lewis!!! How old is he?
  • This Kid Is A Boss
  • Lewis is pretty brave...
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