arachnids - King Baboon update and feeding video news!

King Baboon update and feeding video news!

From (od) : TarantulaAddict | Pets & Animals | time (czas) 02:38 | count (liczba odwiedzin) 962 | rating (ocena) 5.0 | Advert. ogrodzenia rolnictwo | King Baboon update and feeding video news!.

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  • Nice video mate nice to see u back :-) can't wait for your next feeding video steve :-D
  • Should have it made by monday at the latest.
  • yeah i'd love a new feeding video!
  • Oh, that is cool! I'll be eager to see her after the molt. She'll look even more stunning!
  • Great update! I can already tell she loves her new home! I'm looking forward to your next feeding video! Awesome!
  • my chilean rose hasnt ate anything for 8 months now,
  • That's good to hear, she might just start to feed again one day or she might not feed until after she next molts. I'm afraid its a waiting game.
  • Thanks :) I've just noticed that she has webbed up the entrance to her hide so looks like she might be in premolt!
  • yes it is... it is fast as lightning, highly defensive, and has a strong venom... it's not an avic
  • That's quite a long time, I've got one that hasn't eaten for at least 6. It's nothing to worry about though as long as the abdomen is a normal size.
  • yeah she's very healthy and active. but just not hungry
  • Lets hope the T's are hungry this week, should have the video up on friday.
  • cant wait to see the next feeding video
  • Hey dude i like your videos you should check out some of mine and subscribe
  • Thanks :) I'm going to make it over the weekend and it should be up on monday if not before.
  • hey, do you have a p irminia? If so is it aggressive?
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