arachnids - Citharischius crawshayi

Citharischius crawshayi

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  • tu araña esta gorda....
  • very cute...
  • How old is your king baboon?
  • WTF? LMAO...most random comment ever
  • LOL niiice. Awk-ward. I would like a tame spider ^.^
  • i got 1 of these i find that if you poke it regulary with i mcdonnalds straw it gets more agresive i had it two weeks now and its already a savage evil bastard
  • She is so cute.
  • she is not a wimp:P she is still a sling, she will get her attitude once she get a bit bugger and then... god forbid who ever is messing with it:P
  • Shes still small but she'll grow up to their famed reputation in no time =D
  • Lucky you, most of us never get to see our King Baboons!
  • rats* sry...
  • hi major voltage-ppl have been telling me that i shud have got a king baboon instead of a goliath as they recon a king baboon gets more aggressive andgets around the same size ,so basically they r saying ive not got the ultimate monster, is this true?
  • to much crickets :D he's fat
  • ive got a tharantula man dose she have an apetite...i feed her big live rast i catch in mi back iard ..
  • it looks very healthy =]
  • My one, is around this size and yet it has the adult attitude already, I have owned 4 in the past, and the other juvs that size were calm and handleable... I held this one the other day and it raised up and hiss ready to bite me.. I promptly flicked it on the bed which I was holding it over. So attitudes do depend. The largest I have owned was almost 8'' I would love for this one to get to the montrous 9'' I heard they can get to!
  • i just got a cb spiderling, this thing is tame as shit i can hold the fucker and everything. im hoping she will develope into a true cunt
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