arachnids - Mosquito Larvae - Free Live Food For Your Fish

Mosquito Larvae - Free Live Food For Your Fish

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  • i find my fish go feral for the larvae. - bettas young clown loach, mini mollies platys and tetra.
  • Do you have to worry about fish getting any parasites from eating them?
  • and what about parasites ? In the past I was feeding my marine fish live and frozen food and after a while my fish become sick with internal parasites..I had to pay for fish meds and vets appointment to cure my expensive stock. Now I am feeding only New Live Spectrum flakes and pallets , and my fish are healthy..I know that fish prefer live food ..but flakes and pallets are better - full of nutrition, safe and disease free. Growing something like larvae in backyard and feeding to expensive stock don`t make sense to me.. 
  • Just use a 5gallon bucket, you don't need that big of a tub. Hell if you leave a cup of water out side for acouple of days you'll have more than enough. 
  • is there a chance you fish don't get em all and then they develop into adult mosquito? you've just breed inside your own house..?? 
  • Just a quick sharing since I do this frequently. First of all, the larvae are excellent food source for freshwater and brackish fish (they eat them in the wild). However, one thing to note is that those larvae become adult mosquitoes in just 2 days, and adult mossies carry lots of diseases for mammals (including humans and your pets). So what I usually do is drain the whole bucket full of larvae into a fine fish net. Then rinse them using some of the fish tank water or drinking water (I don't use tap water due to chlorine content in my area). Remove unwanted things such as dirt, debris, dragonfly larvae (they are vicious freshwater predator that will kill your fish). Scoop some of the larvae using plastic spoon (that u wont use it for your eating utensil anymore). Feed the larvae on the spoon to your fish and freeze the rest in a small container in your freezer. That way you will have frozen one lasted for weeks and no risk of having adult mosquitoes around your house. 
  • I think i will have a problem with my wife, and as we all know, we can keep fish as long she is liking it (smile) I live in a tropical country and if i will do this, she will almost kill me. For sure i will get larvae from mosquito, but also from malaria mosquito. A bit to late with harvesting and there is a problem. But the idea is good, maybe i will try it in secret. Sssssst (smile) Ant eggs are good also, the fish love it. I call them eggs, but if they are?, did not look it up, sorry.
  • What are those yellow fish in the corner when you are feeding? They look really cool.
  • I work mosquito abatement during the summer, basically I look for and destroy them for different cities. Always bring a bunch back to feed my fish, they really are like crack to fish. I generally take the cup of larvae that I collect throughout the day and strain them through a regular fish net, so I am just left with a bunch of larvae in the net. I rinse them off and dump them in the tank...great free food!
  • Yes please feed those annoying mosquito whatsoever to the fish.
  • I feed my fish mosquito larvae. The fish love them. I never have any larvae left over to worry about. The only problem I have is separating the larvae from the twigs and dirt. I tried sieves, pouring from cup to cup-- it ain't easy. What do you folks do?
  • Hey I have a question, I want to try this but what if there are dragonfly eggs in the water? I have heard these will eat shrimps
  • Its not free at all, these fucking insects turned the protein in human blood into larvae, thats why i hate them. Government urging us to destroy them!
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  • what if some of the larvae are uneaten,,won't they affect the tropical fishes??
  • "Fish crack" lol. Gotta get my fish some fish crack!
  • Thank you.
  • Btw nice video :D really enjoyed it
  • Thanks, But uh, its not that big of a deal. Its just fish food.
  • No, it dissipates after a day or so but you could de clorinate it if you wanted to.
  • Wow !, genius !! the world needs more individuals like you to make life sustainable for everyone. Cheers !!!
  • do you de clorinate the water ?
  • You could do it now. When you see the larvae getting big heads on them you don't want to wait much longer since they'll soon turn into adult mosquitoes.
  • Hey! I found some mini musquitoe larvae in my rain water bucket today. Theyre still very small, and i was wondering when do i feed my fish, like how big do the larvae have to be??
  • More information, kupię trzode chlewna - here.