arachnids - Goliath bird eater eats rat!

Goliath bird eater eats rat!

From (od) : DangerMan714 | Entertainment | time (czas) 03:32 | count (liczba odwiedzin) 12151 | rating (ocena) 3.24 | Advert. budowa wieś | Goliath bird eater eats rat!.

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  • where can you find this goliath bird eating spider in US
  • Did anyone else see the light that flew from the mouse's head. It's from 13-17 seconds.... Thoughts?? Comments?? 
  • how big was the rat?
  • NOPE
  • @jeff schweickert You're retarded dude even if he doesn't feed the spider mouse, in the wild they'd do it regardless, food is food bro you need to learn that as we eat animals as well: cows, pigs, and many more. Unless you're vegan than you have no rights to say anything.
  • you need friends man
  • rats like " Ohh this is nice and soft, mabe if i crawl unde he- OH FUUU"
  • Nice T man. Didn't know their fangs could puncture bone. I myself have a rose hair.
  • If you notice, the mouse pissed itself.
  • Why many vid are always tarantula eats mouse or tarantula vs mouse
  • Sorry dude but that's not a T Blondi its a T Stirmi...I have a female just like it...Blondi's have hairs on the knee's of the front legs and Stirmi's don't
  • is it just me, or did the rat piss itself at 0:13 lol
  • a rat pup? D:>
  • so does it eat its whole body or just suck out the fluids
  • D: > poor mouse....I know nature's cruel but...poor mouse
  • It's not a T. blondi but T. stirmi because it lacks hairs on it's knees.
  • Ass hole... Feed it jumbo crickets.. No need for this jackass
  • you watching porn in the background?
  • Its venom actually liquefies everything except the skin and then i sucks out the liquid
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