arachnids - King Baboon Eating Her Molt

King Baboon Eating Her Molt

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  • ive never seen my tarantulas do!
  • How do they eat their molts if they dont have a mouth just hollow fangs? Do they just crush it up between there fangs? Thanks love your videos.
  • ive seen a few of my Ts doing this 
  • Not sure when we spoke last!As of now i have sold a bunch of T's but my H.gigas has a shit whack of slings in her enclosure its been about 1 month of the slings being 2nd instar and running around im kinda experimenting see how long they can stay with mama ! And possibly A.versicolor pairing when i finad a MM 
  • Great footage never actually seen it before 
  • Cool videos man !! I have never seen this before!
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