arachnids - Scorpion vs Tarantula

Scorpion vs Tarantula

From (od) : Mega Shipt | Film & Animation | time (czas) 02:22 | count (liczba odwiedzin) 120618 | rating (ocena) 3.9272032 | Advert. rozwód w Irlandii - Drexler | Scorpion vs Tarantula.

Comment (komentarze):

  • What was the spider going to do on that situation? The scorpion has ranged and close attacks plus it has natural armor. The tarantula would not have been able to hurt that fucking scorpion. Wasn't fair. 
  • I was sure the tarantula would win, but i am very glad the scorpion won, i hate spiders!
  • Would have been better if they made a small cardboard city for them to fight in.
  • You should die for this
  • It was a well balanced fight.. If the trnatula got the scorpions stinger and but that off, it would have win.. Sadly, it didn't turn out how another video I watched.. ;-; poor spidey
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  • I was scared of scorpions but after this video I am more scared of scorpions
  • Holy shit I forgot japanesebugfights was a thing
  • What noooo
  • im glad this is not my sign a scorpion is an ugly bug
  • they did not even try to fight, they just wanted to get out of the damn box. I can only say unfair
  • I dont always like spiders, but when I do, it fu*king dies >:(
  • i hate both
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  • Scorpion wins fatality flawless victory
  • is japan version
  • *giant foot crushes spider*
  • I shielded my tarantula's eyes from this video as i watched this. Poor little spidey never stood a chance :(
  • Tarantula's don't really fight where scorpions always fight, so this was a no brainer! Not so surprised.
  • T-T-The Scorpion WON!!!
  • scorpion found that underbelly and went for it... painful death for tarantula...but best insect won...
  • C nul
  • all I can think of is dead man wonderland
  • sorry, but what is this rumor "bombombombom"?? -_-
  • Simónque ganó el escorpión 
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