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Handle King Baboon Tarantula

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  • Are they the largest tarantulas?
  • Honestly when it comes to king baboons or pokies its best to not handle them, even if they are occasionally docile. All it will take is a few people being bit here and there before they will start to ban them from the hobby. 
  • I wouldn't recommend anybody to be handling a species of this caliber. Unlike this calm female, most of my King Baboons are bitey and can turn in a dime even when prodded gently at its back legs with a pair of feeding tongs. Out of 5 of my juvenile females, only one of em turned out to become very aggressive than being defensive like most of my juvenile females. She's got a personality of her own that makes her stick out like a sore thumb from the rest. 
  • That tarantula is sooo nice! How on earth is it a king baboon?!
  • Wow. That might just be the nicest king baboon tarantula that I have ever seen.
  • WOW!!! She's beautiful, and surprisingly docile for a King Baboon, but please, be careful, that fall could have hurt her, and is potentially life threatening to tarantulas. 
  • luck to have gotten a calm baboon T. Mine is so aggressive ended up calling it demon. still just a sling. was actually on here to see if I had a good set up. I know they say they like it fairly dry
  • That T has been doped
  • Careful there! That fall from your hand back into her case could've hurt her.
  • Subbed I have t bids as well 
  • Wow! King Baboons are so amazingly huge and beautiful
  • Dumbass 
  • Tarblackjones: not yet ^^
  • I have two...but, have to get drunk to do that lol
  • She's cute
  • Má rợn lun
  • ummhh gettin a few and i don't think i''ll ever have the courage to handle one like how you just did here. has it ever biten you? is it just chill right now cause its well fed
  • Balls of steel
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