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Giant Spider Attack! | Arachnids in the UK | Doctor Who{

As the Doctor gets acquainted with Yaz's mum, a terrifying new threat appears in Sheffield. Subscribe to Doctor Who for more exclusive videos: WATCH MORE: Series 11: Thirteenth Doctor: Series 11 Behind t . Zainteresowanie, oceny: 4945896, czas trwania 4m 5s, ocena 22969, reakcje 1227.
- Sksjsmsmmjwjanwnsnns
- Arañas gigantes
- is it dead? Yes it's dead... your friend is.
- I was wondering why I ever missed this episode, then I noticed which doctor it was…
- that's not how spiders behave
- This is defilently a movie if it was real life there wouldn't be recording like it was planned
- Adolf Hitler versus Giant spider
- the size of that spider GEEZ

im scared of just a like 5cm spider but that spider, bye bye
- I would die of shock instantly if i saw that
- That's just a baby
- How they convinced Chris Noth to be a part of Doctor Who history is nothing short of legendary.
- Good night 🤣
- That not fair that the man who ment to be killed has put the other Guy to face the spider
- How stagey lol 😆
- checks if there's spiders around before watching
- Me with arachnophobia
Brain : watch it
Me : why?
Brain : not your business just watch it
Me :ok
- Is this the return of the giant spiders from that planet
- I hate the new doctor and can't wait for her to die for the new doctor to be male again 🤠