arachnids - Handling one of the most dangerous tarantulas!

Handling one of the most dangerous tarantulas!

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  • This, like most tarantulas has no toxin against humans. The characterization of venomous, is not easily substantiated. But dangerous is very misleading.
  • I seriously fell in love with this channel and your guys' website the first time i laid eyes upon them. I so wish I could move out where you guys are and do this every day. <3
  • Wow, I have never seen a tarantula that moves as fast as a normal-sized spider!
  • Scumbag Steve: Advises against handling a tarantula - Does it anyway
  • your fucking crazy
  • how bout cotton balls? is it ok to use them than brush?
  • Nice job on the music there lol It kinda helps calm down nervous arachnophobic people. Well, a little bit lol
  • No ones calling in your masculinity over this. There are plenty of T. owners that won't get the "HOT" T's due to small children being in the house which the tarantula could possibly kill. Also if you want to get involved in hot T's I'd recommend the Psalmopoeus irminia since they are only about 5.5 inches max (rarely 7 inches). I just transferred mine today and was scared to death lol but everything went smoothly.
  • amazing, I wish I could do that, But NO
  • nice to see someone eose show how gentle these animals can truly be, and that there not just these angry pissed of tarantulas.... imo i call all tarantulas defencive, for tge sheer fact that they dont come to your home, directly for you, like any defencive pose, you have to interact with them... but this just shows what iv been saying for years, tarantulas are not the evil beasts they are portrayed as, even by hobbyists... great job =D
  • balls of steel
  • Holy fuck,you really have balls,man!!!
  • How can you walk so normal with balls of steel between your legs?
  • I fully agree and have been saying that for years Phuzion! I've handled every T type over a period of nearly 10 years and have never been bitten and never hurt a T or had any sort of issue. I use my own common sense and 'methods'. I M O a brush is a) biteable and b) more 'predator' like ;-)
  • Scary..
  • you rocks!!! .lml i never touch my stromatopelma! it's scares me! hahaha
  • sehr mutig....
  • She is gorgeous!
  • Wow.. echt schönes Exemplar!! ;o)
  • Nothing at all to do with masculinity at the end of the day, I think have a bit of a gift at handling them coupled with the common sense techniques. My 12 year old son would handle it almost better than I do as he seems to have that same gift even better than I do, that said, I strongly recommend no child handles any of the renowned more venomous tarantulas!
  • What a crazy guy :D
  • Wow! Just ordered my sling and am not planning on doing this. ;) Great vid!!
  • Ha ha. Sorry dude. Just my humour. Thanks for the advice on the P. Irminia. They are great looking beasts too and i am glad it went ok for you on the rehouse. I have done my research though and made my choice for my first OW. I shall be getting an Idiothele Mira (Blue Footed Baboon). Luckily my kids are old enough to know now the differences between NW and OW. They are very well educated on the subject. They know that OW are strictly "hands off" for them. Me? Well!? One day i will learn. :-)
  • there have been anecdotes that S calceatum will chase banana picking workers out of trees
  • Wow thats all i can say
  • Having always prodded my chilie rose with my finger or pencil when needed for maintenance, I recently read lots of people saying it's wrong and to use a brush. The brush was the first time she went in bite pose in 22 years. I saw people giving you crap on a forum linking to this vid for using a screwdriver. Sick of babies online complaining about how others hold t's. Listening to these so called experts angered my t for the first time in its 2 decade + life span. Never going to use brush again.
  • A great video and also very enlightening. Being honest and reading the comments i have to say i check the mood of my T's with a paint brush. But i have thought on a number of times that it is a bit of a misnomer. Saying that though i don't have any OW T's because i have children in the house. I should stop being a wuss i guess and man up if i should get a Poecie or Pterinocilus.
  • testes gigantica
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