arachnids - Mexican Redleg Molted(Brachypelma Emilia)

Mexican Redleg Molted(Brachypelma Emilia)

From (od) : RadiantReptiles | Pets & Animals | time (czas) 02:32 | count (liczba odwiedzin) 317 | rating (ocena) 5.0 | Advert. | Mexican Redleg Molted(Brachypelma Emilia).

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  • Thank you yeah she is one of my favorites so far buying more slings next week gotta watch the un-boxing video :)
  • Beautiful coloration after the molt... nice T thanks for sharing!
  • Thank you Gerry, yeap she looks like a brand new T great coloration keep the hobby alive and rockin bro :)
  • She is beautiful!! I love how they look right after a molt.
  • Just call me Wolfie :P
  • good lord she looks fantastic!
  • Thank you, yes there just like a brand new T after they molt :)
  • Thank you Nick :) yeap she is a new T after that molt should have some slings coming in the mail next week I will make an un-boxing video on them gotta watch me and paul are getting excited tell Ben and Matthew hello and take care bro :)
  • that is crazy bro i thought she was dead or something cus it wasnt moving till you said that was her shed . nice redleg bro looks fluffy and healthy
  • Congrats B :) beauty of a T. She does look new... will show Ben and Matthew tomorrow. Take care
  • Thank you bro, she is like a brand new T love the coloration I think she looks fantastic too :)
  • Hehe she is one of the favorites really beautiful T love the coloration Thank You Arachno Wolf :)
  • Ok will do Wolfie :P take care
  • Thank you bro yeah she is very much alive lol pretty awesome looking T she also looks alot better :)
  • Oh my god, jealous!
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