arachnids - Rehousing My Female Mexican Golden Red Rump

Rehousing My Female Mexican Golden Red Rump

From (od) : Axsisdnied | Pets & Animals | time (czas) 04:11 | count (liczba odwiedzin) 4354 | rating (ocena) 5.0 | Advert. | Rehousing My Female Mexican Golden Red Rump.

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  • Gorgeous spider you have there, man. Great vid.
  • My red rump is about 3cm
  • Awesoome video. She's stunning, looks very healthy.
  • That is cool even at that size they display awesome color.
  • very pretty girl!
  • Great looking girl! I will send you one of my mature males hopefully next week.
  • Yeah the contrast in color is very cool with this species
  • A little more leg room lol
  • Thanks good to be back I will be making a tour vid just need to organize a little more but been busy with the new additions
  • Sweet looking T.
  • Very cool T. Its good to see you back making vids again. i'll have to get one of these now lol
  • Nice T mate :-) love her carapace
  • Congrats on habing such an awesome T in your collection and thanks for sharing. Made my day :)
  • Awesome man that will be a good project and make a great video!!!
  • Thanks so much appreciate it, a must have T for anyone collecting Brachys
  • She is certainly beautiful! I'm sure she'll love her new home!
  • Thanks, she is very good color!
  • Shes beautiful!
  • Thanks man!!
  • Gorgeous man! Mine is maybe two inches.
  • yeah pretty hard to find PM me if you looking for one I have a smaller female.
  • Thank you!
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