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  • I love this video. It never gets old. I always find inspiration from this! 
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  • This is awesome
  • Awesome job!
  • Such an inspiration. This is crossfit.
  • love stories like this. True story of how the only thing that can hold you down is yourself. Way to go Cobalt!
  • Nice Video. Nice soundtrack. What's the name of this music?
  • very inspiring for sure. Thank you for having the courage to share.
  • That is awesomeness ! ! ! Way to go ! ! ! You are definitely BEAST ! ! !
  • Good job man
  • @Greasebones99: I don't know what box you go to, but find another. Every box I've been to (I've dropped by a number of them while travelling on business), everyone is super friendly. Go try another affiliate.
  • awsome, way to go Cobalt
  • Congratulations Cobalt and Team Defiant, y'all have done an amazing job!
  • Dude pulls 375?!.. Boss!
  • for time: 100m sprint 100 KB swing (53/36) 100 single unders 100 russian twists 100 pvc OH squats 100m sprint
  • It feels like the hardest thing to walk through that door the first time and surrender to perfect strangers. Once you do, it will feel like a bubble has burst and the world is new. But the real challenge is showing up every day, again and again. If you're reading this and wonder if you can do it, you owe yourself to try. It absolutely will change your life in amazing ways.
  • Great job Cobolt! When you win like this you help more people than just yourself. You have and will inspire more people to do the same. Thanks for overcoming your fear. Courage is what makes CrossFit great.
  • inspiring! great job and keep it up!!!
  • awesome story.
  • I've only been to one crossfit gym just to find out what it's all about and they told me it would set me back $150 a month!!! Are they all that expensive?
  • Truly inspirational Keep up the good work Mr.Blue
  • Awesome. This is what it's all about.
  • and your story are a true is rare to find such a compassionate and fun group. I am happy to have joined the gang.
  • Congrats brother! I feel the same way about crossfit. I too struggled with weight and this had helped me tremendously keep at it brother!
  • So interesting. So many crossfit guys at my gym are the biggest meatheads, the most arrogant and generally inconsiderate guys you have ever met. A bunch of oversexed, angry jocks who are used to getting what they want and totally disgust new people from crossfit. I enjoy the sport for the very reason Cobalt discusses here. I wish I knew crossfitters like this. Real people, who are open about their struggles, and not just a bunch of swinging dick fratboys craving attention.
  • "They treated me like an athlete, even when i didn't see myself as an athelete.". That's the hook man! Wonderful job partner!
  • Good job. keep it up :)
  • ignorant troll.....another internet keyboard hardass, you are an idiot and a loser, get a life....
  • dem ears.......
  • More information, silosy na sprzedaż - here.