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How to Feed Your Tarantula | Pet Tarantulas

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  • I should buy a tarantula so it eat all these roaches in my house just let him run around and live in the corners but hopefully the rats dont eat him😬
  • lucky me i live in a rural area
  • Here's a better way to get your Spider proper nutrition, rather than wasting time gut-loading a cricket: Use Dubia Roaches, rather than Crickets. Crickets: - Cannibalistic (Part of why they die like crazy),- When they die, they emit a fume toxic to the living crickets (another reason they die),- Will bite a molting Tarantula (so you have to hunt them down, and remove the survivors),- Stink like hell (Even alive),- Waste of Money,- They make annoying sounds (and a lot of it),- More effort is required if you plan to breed them,- They jump out of containers (unless using a cricket keeper, which I don't suggest),- Less nutrition (as Bob mentioned in the video). Roaches:- More Protein,- Can reproduce like crazy if kept in the right conditions (Very Economic),- They do not stink at all,- No noise whatsoever,- When they die, they won't kill off the rest of your food source,- Will not bother a Tarantula going through a molt,- They won't fly out of your container when you open it to grab one for your Spider,- Easier to chase down and catch them. 
  • Why isn't my tarantula eating? It looks perfectly fine it hasn't eaten even when I tried to give it a cricket with tweezers, it never bit me or anything what could be wrong?
  • Do these gut loaders not contain a lot of calcium which can be harmful to the tarantula?
  • how about cockroaches
  • This video is very informational except to everyone in the comments who is watching this for help, don't feed your tarantula mice. They're very bad for the tarantula
  • I want a T so bad
  • I'm new to this. If I'm going to buy a Mexican red knee, i can just feed it crickets and worms for the rest of it's life? And small mice? I'm confused by this feeding stuff x) i really want to know everything to 100% before getting a tarantula. And when do you spray the "tank" with water.. gah too much for me. .. any recommendations? 
  • So youre basically saying you have to keep pet crickets to feed a pet tarantula
  • You should only gut-load crickets that you plan to feed to reptiles. If you plan on feeding them to an arachnid such as a tarantula, then you should feed the crickets things like plain oatmeal and bran cereal. Arachnids do NOT need that much calcium, and in fact too much calcium and be very bad for them.
  • tarantuler XD
  • if you get a pet tarantula and u try to pick him/her up will it mistake your hand for food and bite you
  • Can you do a video on how to pick these bad boys up ? i have a pink toe that i caught in the wild, but he's too fast and i still have to get used to it.....
  • hay there i have a chilian rose,can you tell me would you recomend dry substrate or a damp and humid substrate. also how often do you recomend i handle him as i dount want to piss him off :/ so much conflicting info around .please help :)
  • I gut load them for a healthy TAnd own a rose hair
  • gotta gutload em
  • Who gut loads the crickets in nature?
  • i do not need those find two or four smaller than you're spider or try to fight some big spider so you're spider can be more stronger but when my spider is really hungry use that but my spider may become fat when i feed that 
  • Wild-caught insects may harbor parasites (internal and/or external) and probably should be avoided. Many hobbyists cultivate certain types of cockroaches (B. dubia, etc.) as a meatier prey item. I would avoid cricket supplements with added calcium, as tarantulas only need trace amounts of that mineral. (Some believe that large amounts of Ca can actually create problems during the molting process, so why risk it?) 
  • Your channel has very much changed my view on spiders.
  • Lol cricklet
  • Hi Howcast, I have really pale skin and I want to get darker skin. Should I just stay in the sun a lot!?
  • adopt fetal position and accept doom
  • who the hell gonna get tarantula pet?
  • Lots of people have pet tarantula's and other spiders actually.
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  • Amazing!
  • U feed a tarantula by killing it
  • Thanks!!
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  • More information, szukam siedliska - here.