arachnids - King Baboon XXL vs crying Madagascar cockroach!

King Baboon XXL vs crying Madagascar cockroach!

From (od) : Tarantulas Bristol - Online Spider Shop | Pets & Animals | time (czas) 02:43 | count (liczba odwiedzin) 1271 | rating (ocena) 5.0 | Advert. (polecamy) - promuj się z nami | King Baboon XXL vs crying Madagascar cockroach!.

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  • Such an Awesome spider !
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  • I like the animals are doing well, the p.metallica that I bought from you got a 45 30 30 cages from exo terra
  • why must all your spiders have so small cages, especially there is a king baboon in a large individual, you see the big powerful legs? Do you know why they have it?I know they tend to dig like 100 cm caves in and larger while with you into captivity with you then get the barely 1 cm and maby 20x20x10 cage,I would say it's animal abuse what do you think? I want an answer son 
  • Damn that's one helluva KB!
  • Can u uplode a feding vid with the cobalt blue tarantula plz
  • Free spider contest
  • OK 
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