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Arachnids - Everything You Want to Know (and a Few Things You Don't...){

Spiders, scorpions, vinegaroons, mites, ticks, and other arachnids are amazing, creepy crawlies that live almost everywhere (including right on your face). But how many kinds are there? How are they related? And where are they found? You're about to find out. #clintsreptiles #spider #arachnid ==== . Zainteresowanie, oceny: 40112, czas trwania 16m 5s, ocena 4733, reakcje 625.
- Love this style of video, horribly traumatized by the actual subject of this video but I would definitely watch more videos like this
- Thanks!
- Zobacz na stronie: rehabilitacja Zalasewo , zawsze coś przydatnego.
- sunspiders are so horrifying, not sure what it is
- I hate ticks the only insect I cant stand I see a picture of them I directly need to check all my body, when I was a kid 8 yrs old I fall in a pit full of leaf and I find myself cover in ticks, took the hospital staff 2 days to remove more than 600 ticks from my body, they where everywhere not tell you the details but you guys can imagine, I'm not scare of them its more like a deep and strong disgust when I see them which make me want to throw up and push me mentally to check my body lol but I have no fear of spider and scorpion I have some at home and love to handle them.
- Those scurrying lil pseudoscorpions are so cuuuute ❤️
- Amphibians next?
- I've heard harvestmen's reproduction is kind of a mystery
- These things scare the hell out of me, but I do find them fascinating. I have a few wee jumping spiders that live around my pc, and I tolerate them, as long as they don't go on me. I have a question spiders smell?
- Loved this content!! Super interesting- I would love more! 🕷
- I like this format a lot?
- is this guy a mormon zoologist? 😅
- I definitely suffer from arachnophobia, but I’m really trying to learn more about them, hoping if I understand them more, maybe the ridiculous amount of fear I have will diminish. I can finally watch a video, and that’s a vast improvement.

I also feared snakes until I started watching you, Chandler, Tyler, Justin, Kenan, etc. My fear of snakes was more a fear of the unknown bc I never had the anxiety that I have with spiders. A friend of mine has a pet store, and I’ve come to love holding the various snakes she has.

I love bearded dragons and have had one for 14 years, and that’s what got me interested in other reptiles. I’m sure my beardie wishes I’d had YouTube to watch & learn from 14 years ago, lol.

I’m a 49 year old mom of teenage boys, and I love bugs more than them 😁. I’m currently building some outside enclosures bc there’s so many reptiles that I want, but I’ve narrowed it down to a few different species of iguanas/monitors.

I doubt I’ll ever own a spider, but since I live in the woods, I’d love to be able to see a spider & not have the really deep rooted anxiety that comes with seeing one. My fear is so bad that I once wrecked a vehicle bc a spider decided to sit on my arm & chill while I was driving.

Thanks, again, for your videos!!! I watch every single one of them, and I’ve learned so much!!! 💕 from Ms
- nice
- I assume that animated background is supposed to be crinkled paper. Either way I found the animation a bit distracting. A static crinkled paper image would be fine, crinkled paper isn't constantly moving anyway. Otherwise an interesting video! I think if you make these regularly you'd want to intersperse them and not do several in a row. Or start a "Clint's Biology Class" channel!
- This quy is way too happy about things living on my face.
But that's fine
- I would love to see a Dumerils Boas vs Ball Pythons video. Great job as always! You're in my top 5 Best youtube channels.
- "They're well known animals that you probably interact with regularly... possibly more than you realize."

I mean, my roommate has a web near the back door, so unless it knows something I don't...
- I love these type of videos! Keep going!
- "The end of the arachnids" What a beautiful combination of words.
- I love these explorations into the phylogeny of different groups! I would love one where you go into the phylogeny of lizards (and snakes, so we can see where they lie and which lizards they are most closely related to - could just call it "squamate phylogeny"), as well as the phylogeny of birds, crocodilians, and dinosaurs (so we can see how all these animals are more closely related to each other than the other reptile groups).