arachnids - cobalt blue handling video (Haplopelma lividum)

cobalt blue handling video (Haplopelma lividum)

From (od) : Lee OfBacup | Education | time (czas) 04:00 | count (liczba odwiedzin) 5294 | rating (ocena) 4.25 | Advert. (polecamy) - promuj się z nami | cobalt blue handling video (Haplopelma lividum).

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  • I love tarantulas. I even have a cobalt blue. But im not touching that son of a bitch
  • It is definitely a Lividum. It just looks dark because of the poor lighting.
  • they way you picked her up was correct man!! you went under her !
  • Nice cobalt man and docile too. Be very careful, they are unpredictable
  • Damn. Damn.
  • You're right,the shitty light confuses a lot.
  • You sir have balls :)
  • @barcodefaux Very dull ache that lasted about 5 days. It was on my little finger of my left hand, it did not swell up very much. The pain slowly crept up my arm and into my chest. I think she got the bone too as the pain in my finger lasted about 3 weeks. I just went to the hospital and they gave me some pain killers and some anti inflammatory pills. It was not really painful, just really long lasting ache that made it really uncomfortable.
  • never in this live i would handling my girl is sooo agressiv... please be careful!!!
  • @stokzyy y is that?
  • NOthing hurts more than child birth =/
  • only reason you can handle her is because she is gunna molt
  • shes lovely.... in your hands... maybe not with another person... ;)
  • @frostiesVID Yeah, mine has only moulted once, but it did it in one of her tunnels and webbed over it. I only found out when it came to rehousing her. I do not know if this is common but it is what happened with mine. This one was pretty docile, I have another that is the same, but I just sold one that was pure evil.
  • aggressive to docile :D great
  • looks like a malee.
  • Obviously the same reason dogs bite. They get scared.
  • yes i know. i have had a few bites off her when she was younger.... i think she might have just matured with age and thought "whats the point of biting this asshole when he still keeps opening my lid and cleaning that water dish i like kicking dirt in so much". the thing is she will start a burrow then fill it in and start another then fill that in.....she is just a weird behaviour girl.
  • Shit,Haplopelma Lividum females are so dark?A s far as I know so are the male ones.
  • @stokzyy she was not in pre-moult. She moulted about a month before this.
  • @boihaggos1 No. It was a female. Males are a dull browny matalic colour. She was really calm. My new H.lividum (the replacement) . Is far more defensive..
  • @stokzyy I was really scaerd of her, but i have another video, which was the first time I held her. I was feeding her and she ran up my tweezers.... I only uploaded these videos, not to come across as brave or stupid, I posted the first one as an example of what to do if an aggressive T runs up you.... Yes she has bit me (5 times) 4 of them was just angry slap, only one was a serious bite... If you look at my channel you will see some more videos of her, but she has sadly died.
  • @LILDONOVANXX When they are about to molt or due to molt they become much more decoil! i know a guy though who can actually pick a cobalt up as if it were a rosia! hehe mad world eyy!
  • @TheJayMadd1 Not lethal.. But they are aggressive... I would say more defensive than aggressive. But they do appear to be quite nasty at times..
  • This is truly a great moment captured of an amazing species. Aren't cobalt blue's known to be rather aggressive with a potentially lethal bite? This is brilliant stuff @leeofbacup - awesome :)
  • @leeofbacup I hear there bite is more painfull then natural im gessing it hurts like hell.and most are very agressive and quick to awsome vid bro! sick as any 20 foot snake handling vid
  • hi there loved the T vids, just got my first Haplopelma lividum and was wondering i saw you said youd be bitten a few times of her, one once was a serious bite, can you get me how the pain on bite was, the pain after a few hours, level of pain, swealing anything else about how it was ect please, all ive read it this gives a painful bite haha. thanks
  • It's a Lividum male,they'er darker than the females.
  • if she likes being held whys she bitten you so many times?..................duuuuuuuuuuuh
  • @leeofbacup She looks really dark in the video though,
  • Unpredictable and extremely fast. The one i have is not so docile either
  • Funny how it has produced 2 egg secs if it's a male.
  • It is because it is lit by a shitty desk lamp and recorded on a poor camera. All the males I have been light brown in colour. See my breeding videos, they are lighter than the females.
  • @stokzyy It's because I was sat in front of an halogen heater causing harsh lighting and washing out the colours. I was only using a very cheap digital cameras video function so it could not handle the contrast.
  • @leeofbacup Ahh i see! my bad mate :)! i too have a lividuim that i hold rarely, i found out though, if you want to pick this species up, its best to go underneath them and lift them up! It might just be me though buh heyy :P! nice vid! good handling too :)!
  • More information, przypisy - here.